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Orthodox Schools

Houston is home to an incredibly diverse Jewish community. If you are looking into the possibility of moving to Houston, there are a number of Jewish schools which serve to educate the varying needs of the youth of our community.

The Houston Mesivta

9th-12th grade boys

7823 Lundington Drive, Houston, TX 77071

At the Mesivta of Houston, it is our goal to empower each Talmid with excellence in Lemudai Kodesh and secular studies in a warm and caring environment. We strive to develop complete Bnei Torah who will have confidence and enthusiasm in learning, refined Midos, and a passion for Yiddishkeit. Individual attention will be provided to all Talmidim, enabling them to maximize their potential, ensuring that each Talmid be armed with the tools necessary for a successful and happy future

Robert M. Beren Academy

Early Childhood - 12th Grade 11333

Cliffwood Drive, Houston, TX 77035

(713) 723-7170

Robert M. Beren Academy is a Modern Orthodox day school that adheres to standards of academic excellence and exemplary moral conduct as it prepares its students to become self-confident, compassionate, practicing Jews as well as committed citizens and life-long learners.

Torah Day School

Early Childhood - 8th Grade

10900 Fondren Road, Houston, TX 77096

(713) 777-2000 FAX (713) 776-0036

The mission of Torah Day School is to provide and promote the highest quality Judaic and general education to a diverse community of Jewish children. Our aim is to motivate students to reach personal excellence, and to be conscientious members of society. Within a warm nurturing environment, our focus is to inspire a love for learning, develop academic and social skills, and foster responsibility in each individual. A well-balanced education will foster a commitment to using Torah values as a guide to the decisions in life, community, and life-long learning and teaching.

Torah Girls Academy

9th - 12th Grade

10101 Fondren Road, Houston, TX 77096

(713) 936-0644

The mission of Torah Girls Academy of Texas is to develop great Jewish women who posses a passion for Hashem, Torah, Israel, the Jewish people, and academic excellence, and who are inspired to create vibrant Jewish comes and communities.

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Yeshiva Torat Emet

Early Childhood - 8th Grade

'11330 Braesridge Drive, Houston, TX 77071

(713) 721-3900

Yeshiva Torat Emet is dedicated to instilling Torah values and positive character traits within its students. We are committed to helping each child reach his/her potential, and we encourage close cooperation between home and school. Yeshiva Torat Emet prides itself on excellence in both Judaic and secular instruction. The students gain a love of Torah, as well as an excitement and interest in all Judaic aspects of life. In addition, we focus on Sephardic tradition, with an emphasis on Ivrit.

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